Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hobgoblin “The Socialist Network”

 Over the last twenty years we have witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union, China’s neo-liberalisation, the retreat of social democracy, and the commodification of almost everything under neoliberal globalisation. Democratic socialist forces are in disarray and lack a shared counter-project. Hobgoblin offers itself as a forum for countering this disarray and for building a new democratic socialist movement.  Specifically, the Hobgoblin Network aims to attract and connect people from a range of positions, organisations, and backgrounds in order to promote solidarity and debate around the building of a democratic socialist project in 21st century NZ. More specifically, Hobgoblin is developing virtual and practical forums to promote a network movement of Left solidarity and debate in New Zealand. 

Since it’s launching the Network has drawn support not just from existing Left organisations and parties, but also from the un-aligned Left. This latter group of people comprise a diversity of positions and backgrounds within the broader labouring population including wage workers in service and manufacture, home makers, ex-trade union officials, academics, artists, teachers, students, religious, feminist, Maori and environmentalist groups. We all share disaffection with neoliberal capitalism but are all also frustrated by the absence of appropriate forums urgently needed for building a democratic socialist counter-movement. Frustration with the absence of democratic socialist debate within the labour movement at all levels has been a particular concern.  

Hobgoblin is not a political party and it does not aspire to ever become one. It is a network militantly committed to the democratic principles of diversity and debate. It will oppose vigorously any attempt to subordinate it to any particular group’s agenda. Nonetheless, Hobgoblin is singularly committed to the principle of a counter-hegemonic solidarity that can accommodate a range of individuals, organisations, parties and movements.

In sum, Hobgoblin aims to provide a framework that can draw together a range of individuals, groups and organisations in a dialogue out of which might emerge a united social force, though with different dialects and tendencies, that is armed with a clear project to smash neoliberal global capitalism and pursue a practical alternative.

All socialists welcome

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“Why am I a recipient of this little newsletter,and what exactly is its purpose?”
                 the initiating letter to know Socialists - lead article in Hobgoblin #1

               article in Hobgoblin #1 

Papers the influenced the formation of the Network